Sikh Wedding Cards Known for Graceful Gravity of Two Souls

Wedding function dwells a most noteworthy minute in one’s Life in Sikh Society. Dissimilar to this, they welcome their precious ones and well-wishers for their wedding ceremony to favour the recently wedded couples in light of the fact that a wedding is considered as the spousal relationship of two souls.

Conventional Sikh wedding invitation cards assume a fundamental part in welcoming their visitors to their wedding ceremony, it is vital to choose the one of kind wedding invitation cards as indicated by the wedding subject and taste of the wedding couples.

Sikh wedding invitation cards - Madhurash

Feel the Glory of Sikh Traditions with Beautiful Designs 

Sikh is additionally a group in India that has confidence in their traditions, ceremonies and conventions. The other name for Sikh wedding is ‘Anand Karaj’ and it completely takes after Sikh code and directs and it is gone by a considerable measure of visitors.

The weddings are directed in Gurumukhi. A conventional Sikh wedding has numerous essential specialities of the festival as indicated by their wedding traditions and can be made relying on the distinctive societies and culture of the bride and groom. The ritual goes on for a week and the marriage happens in the morning.

Elements of Sikh Wedding Cards 

As the cards are to be chosen distinctively every one of the examples are made with the assistance of well known designers.

Furthermore the cards are to be printed before at the exact day so that you can welcome everybody for the occasions. Sikh wedding cards will mirror the old style of marriage yet with an extra gleaming configuration.

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Wordings: The Sikhs can be exceptionally critical with regards to picking the right arrangement of words. Elderly relatives wouldn’t care for it in the event that you neglect to incorporate some standard religious quotes or words which are so expected in any Sikh wedding card.

In this manner, we can expect the wordings in these cards to be amazingly modest, blessed and straightforward. They should not be altered or made to seem garish.

Definite data: Sikh weddings are praised over a long bustling week. Various customs and services happen amid the week. Their dates, venues and timings fluctuate.

Subsequently, it gets to be crucial to offer point by point data about each of the significant occasions in the card. You should check and recheck each minor specifying before it goes into print. 

Enthusiastic: Sikh wedding cards are frequently bound with emotive messages, customized cites and warm formats.

Henceforth, the designers of today are taking meticulous endeavours to guarantee that invitation cards of Punjab wedding can be made in a substantially more customized path in order to have that craved emotional impact. 

Sikh wedding cards are extremely flashy, accessible in a mixture of hues, studded with pebbles. Delightful framework done in a Sikh Wedding Cards creates a stunning impact in the mind of guests!!! 

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Some Innovative Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards Ideas

Whether it is Hindu or Sikh families, wedding is always a joyous occasion that involves all the family members. Sikh weddings are never celebrated without the relatives and family friends. Sikh families put in their best efforts to make the wedding celebrations as vibrant as possible. The Sikh weddings involve a lot of rituals, customs and traditions. The marriage ceremony is performed in Gurdwara or in a community hall and the ceremony is performed in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhs and the eleventh guru.

The Sikh wedding invitation cards come in a variety of designs, colors and styles. The cards often have holy line from the spiritual book. The wording of the card can be in Punjabi or English language. The ethnicity and the piousness of the nuptial bond reflect in the Sikh wedding invitation cards. The cards have Sikh symbols such as Ek Omkar, khanda, etc.

Some Innovative Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards Ideas

People are using innovative ideas to have differently designed cards that look unique, represent their class and look traditional at the same time. They get cards with the similarly designed sweet boxes to ensure that they invite the guests in style. If you are looking for Silk wedding invitation cards that are designed to match the wedding theme, then here are some innovative ideas that will make your invitation cards stand out.

Scroll cards: For giving a royal look to your Sikh wedding invitation cards, consider getting scroll cards that are highly in demand. They make a wedding elegant and stylish. Termed as ‘Farman’, the scroll cards take your invitation cards to another level.

Use photographs: To make your invitation cards unique, you can have pictures, as they speak more than words. An invitation card with the photographs of the couple can be special and for that, you may have to organize a pre-wedding shoot. Such card will be best for inviting your friends and family. By using cards with photographs, you can introduce your spouse to your relatives who would love to see the new family member.

Use creative and unique elements: To make your guests remember the D-day, make sure you make the invite useful and unique. Some invitations are so unique and creative that the relatives and friends like to save them and use them for different purposes. Personalized and customized marriage invites accompanies by certain things such as a key chain, a mug, etc., can make the cards extra special and memorable.

By choosing inventive cards, you can make your wedding more special and create lasting impressions on your guests. Simple cards look appealing and they convey the message. Make sure you choose the right design, colors, size and printing paper to create effective cards.

Handmade papers are widely used these days, as they look good. Even recycled paper is a good choice, if you are environment friendly. Check out the beautiful collection of Sikh wedding invitation cards available at Madhurash and get them customized to suit your event.

Bond Your Relationships with Beautiful Indian Wedding Cards

We, Indians believe in the sanctity of marriage and hence celebrate our weddings with several rituals and ceremonies. The wedding is considered as a pure union of two souls and hence the blessings of the near and the dear ones are essential for the nuptials.

When it comes to inviting friends and relatives from far and near wedding invitations play an important role in weddings. Indian Wedding Invitation cards have a style of their own. Just like Indian weddings are known as “Big fat Indian wedding”, the invitation cards also personify the richness of culture and heritage of Indian weddings.

Since India is a potpourri of cultures and religions, Indian wedding Invitations also differ in their styles and designs. Hindu wedding cards may have a particular design and concept while other religions may have their own concepts. Even in Hindu wedding cards, the ceremonies differ according to the caste the bride and the groom belong to.

Beautiful Indian Wedding Cards

The wedding cards are made up of exquisite handmade paper, velvets and other designing materials. Silk and wool are also used for designing Indian wedding cards. One can choose wedding cards from contemporary to traditional.

A Mixture of Vibrant and Scintillating Colors and Textures Invitation Cards

Indian wedding invitations are available in rich colors and textures. Special religious themes can also be introduced to create beautiful wedding invitations to bring smiles to the persons who receive it. Shopping for invitation cards is easy and affordable as there are many sites which create custom made invitation cards for customers across the world.

Along with invitation cards, booklets, cocktail cards, thank you cards envelope seals, gift boxes are also available now a days.

There are two types of invitation cards available. One is a ready made type which can be chosen from the gallery of cards, while the other is designer invitation cards which clients can get designed by designers.

How to Make Your Wedding Royal and Stylish by Scroll Wedding Cards?

Everyone wants to feel royal and feel stylish in life. We all want to do something, which creates a very good impression over others. When it comes to wedding, we all have some special plans.

We not only want to make this day special for us, but we also want that the guests joining our wedding shall remember this day forever. So we are giving you some tips to make your wedding royal and memorable.

Choose an Exotic or Heritage Venue:

You can take a heritage hotel or a palace on ire for your wedding. These buildings are easily available on rent. They charge their standard rates and also provide catering and service packages to take good care of guests. These destinations are royal as well as stylish. They make everyone feel ass if they have become a resident of this palace. When guests start feeling royal, our mission is accomplished.

Royal Scroll Wedding Invitation Cards:

Well what can be ore impressive than a royal invitation. Invite your guest by sending them royal scrolls, and making them feel honored and wonderful. The wedding cards create a good impact over guests and they also count as our style statement. So, choose royal style and go for these invitations.

If you wish to buy scroll Indian wedding invitation cards, you should first take a look at various designs and varieties available in the market. After you are done with the design, you can buy scroll wedding cards as decided.

If you don’t have time to explore merchant store, you can check out online royal scroll wedding invitation cards available on various websites.

Return gifts:

Every one feels special and thankful after getting a gift. You can also apply this method. You can take small and memorable items for guests, and gift them when they leave. This will increase your impression and will reflect a royal style.

Multifaith Wedding Invitation Cards : Celebrate The Theme Of The Wedding Day

Busy in planning for your marriage? If yes, then you must have got all your necessary stuff ready like a wedding dress, marriage venue, etc. but have you got your invitation cards? Most probably you have thought of your wedding card in last, but it’s never too late thought it out away and chooses the wedding cards.

Wedding Cards are available in different styles and designs in the market but don’t need to choose the general wedding card try something new like multifaith wedding invitation card. If you don’t have time to go to the store, then you don’t need to worry as there are lots of companies available online which will provide the multifaith or interfaith invitation cards easily.

Following are the tips to select the multifaith invitation cards:

1. Collection matters: You mustn’t forget about the collection of multifaith invitation whether you have decided to buy it from online or a local printing store. A collection of the interfaith or multifaith invitation can help you choosing the best options. Buy these wedding cards online with inadequate assortment means you will cope with the frustrating shopping experience.

2. Quality: Quality is something that decides the overall success of the online multifaith wedding cards, there could be choices like printing, design, paper, etc. it is advised that before going to any conclusion you must go first through the quality of your chosen card.

3. Real requirements: If you choose to buy interfaith wedding cards online you should evaluate your real requirements. You must confirm whether you want eye-catching, fancy or stylish interfaith wedding cards or need something classy .determine this can help you making the right decision.

4. Discounts: The best advantage to buying the interfaith invitation cards is that you can grab the huge discounts offers on every purchase. This way, you would be able to save a few penny.

Hindu Wedding Cards : The Essential Ingredients

Weddings are considered very important and almost religious events among Hindus. It is believed that matches are made in heaven by the Gods; it is only the ceremonies that are held on earth to solemnize these nuptial knots.

Hindu Wedding Cards

Hindu Wedding Invitations Cards sent through beautiful cards called “Nimantran Patrikas” signal the beginning of the wedding procedure. These invitation cards, sent formally through family members or by post, are considered very important as people do not attend marriage events until they are formally invited.

What makes Hindu wedding cards so unique?

It is this humbleness reflected in the content of the Hindu wedding cards that makes them unique. No matter how rich or influential a family may have become, the wording of the invitation is always so sweet and humble so as to make the recipient feel very important.

Attractive Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

Most cards make use of rare and difficult words to create an impression on the minds of all those who read them. All invitations make it clear that the presence of the recipient and his blessings are essential during the auspicious wedding event.

Praise of the almighty

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards are incomplete until they carry an image of Lord Ganesha. This is because he is considered the deity who removes all hurdles and obstacles. His name is taken at the start of all auspicious events.

His blessings are invoked and he is lavishly praised in the hope that everything will take place as planned. This is the reason every single wedding card among Hindus will have an artistic image of Lord Ganesha on the cover.

Red is the color of the ink that is used

Nearly every wedding card that is made for a Hindu marriage makes use of red ink for printing. This may surprise some people but red is the color that is considered pious and auspicious among Hindus.

Muslim Wedding Cards : Very Artistic And Great Attention

Wedding event among Muslims is referred to as Nikaah. As against the belief that wedding is a religious event among the Hindus, Muslims treat tying of nuptial knot as an agreement between the bride and the groom. Both the bride and the groom pledge to live a cordial life together under this agreement.

Beautiful and Elegant Muslim Wedding Cards

Nikaah is considered a very important and auspicious event in the life of a couple and its importance is reflected in the wedding cards that are sent to invite guests for the ceremony.

Muslim wedding cards are very artistic and great attention is paid by families to make sure that the card they select is appropriate with the lavishness with which the party is being organized.

Royal Look of Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards

Like other religions, wedding is considered a deep bonding of the two souls and the celebrations reflect the joy and happiness of all the family members and friends. Nikaah is supposed to be a very auspicious event and this feeling is very well reflected in the wedding invitation cards that are sent to invite the guests.

For every Muslim wedding, two separate invitation cards are made. This is because there are two important ceremonies called Nikaah and Walima durin g a wedding event. Nikaah is the exchange of nuptial vows by the bride and the groom in the presence of a Quazi.

Sending invitations to family and friends to attend this ceremony is the responsibility of bride’s family. On the other hand, an invitation card for Walima, which is the dinner party or the wedding reception, is hosted by the family of the groom. All Muslim wedding invitation cards invoke the blessings of the almighty Allah by taking his name in the beginning.

All cards are made beautiful through use of different textures and floral designs. Green is the color that is used often by Muslims though these days families are using many other colors in wedding cards.